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It is no exaggeration to say that I’ve lived my whole life with horses. I grew up in Sollentuna, Sweden, where we had a pony for us children and bred thoroughbreds in a small scale. Many of my strongest and finest childhood memories involve these animals. When I was seven years old I started in riding school and my mother boosted me up on the thoroughbreds the family kept.

As a youngster, I also started downhill skiing and also competed in elite soccer and martial arts, later on I started to train other athletes and became a certified personal trainer. Through these sports I acquired a sense of discipline, coordination and balance and I learned to be conscious of details. These qualities are still very useful to me to this day, when I’m training horses and people.

I’m tremendously happy that I’ve stayed in the saddle. Riding has helped me stay in physical and mental shape through life. When you work with horses you need to be calm, stable, agile and balanced, both in body and soul.

In 2006, I met with horsemanship coach Leslie Desmond, who came to inspire me to teach. She helped me see that I could actually make a difference. I still consider it a great privilege that I get to help others and at the same time learn so much myself from the horses and people that I meet when I work.

The horses have taken me around the world and have led me to explore a variety of exciting areas, both geographically and in terms of knowledge. I’ve done everything from riding with vaqueros to training with dressage masters. I’ve led guided adventures in Arctic environments as well as team buiding and leadership courses and over the years I’ve helped many individuals and equipages to exceed their goals.

After several years of travelling, I have since 2011 a new base for my business: my farm in Torsholma, Sweden, where I can train horses and riders, together or separately. I continue my journey, learning from the horses.