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Svante’s coaching was the most enlightening experience of my career. I have never seen anything like this. The incredible thing I learned is that my former approach  – using  traditional methods that rely on brute strength – are enhanced immensely with the addition of this valuable knowledge, and feel. These new building blocks make the biggest impact of the development of our younger horses.

Working with Svante was the most enlightening experience of my career.

David Allison, Stalker at the Grosvenor Estate, Scotland

“Svante has a lot to offer, and I am confident that he can assist most riders to advance their abilities with confidence to the next level. I hope that people with young or troubled horses will observe him often, and pay close attention to his words.”

Leslie Desmond, International Trainer and Coach

I was in Göteborg to attend Svante’s clinic and this is just to tell you how happy my friends and I are about Svante’s way of teaching feel. He is truly a great coach. It was very, very helpful for me to have him explain what feel is, and how the smaller particles of feel can be applied to horsemanship for best results.

Svante has a polite and precise way of dealing with horses and people. Now, we’re working to bring Svante to Norway!

Tina Buddeburg, Sollia, Noway

“Svante is extraordinarily perceptive of not only horses but people too. You feel one hundred percent
supported on your journey to understand your equine friend through feel. He is a truly inspirational teacher.”

Caroline Steven, Cumbria, England

We enjoy Svante’s presentations. He was a joy to work with, patient, clear in his directions and always willing to repeat what he was saying and doing as often as he needed to until we understood. His concern for both horse and human students was obvious, as was his ability and skill.

We definitely recommend him.

Bob & Betty King, Arizona, USA, International Roper, Trainer and Coach

We can be certain that all human creativity is founded on the ability to link feeling and thought and its impact on human learning. It is the true basis for how we imagine and develop new perspectives about ourselves, our relationships and the world we live in. This certainty is never more pertinent than when we apply it in our relationship with animals. The recent 3 day clinic at Saugh’s Farm in Cumbria, led by Svante Andersson from Sweden, was an example of such creativity in action.

The 8 participants and many auditors quickly realised that this work with Svante, on the business of developing their horsemanship was to be both immensely challenging and at the same time peacefully enlightening. Through his inspiring and truly insightful teaching style, distilled into just a few important words, we felt supported individually, challenged, bewildered, successful and hungry for more! All signs of true learning and great teaching. We will never hear the words 1-2-3 in quite the same way again!

His knowledge and skills based on life, from the perspective of the horse, is quite remarkable and from their responses to him, the equines present certainly would agree!

Pauline Macdonald

I have never had such a profound change in my riding as I did having attended Svante Andersson’s clinic in Cumbria. Since returning home and riding my own ponies I am much more aware of riding from my seat rather than my hands or legs. The ridden work on the lunge seems to have taught my body a huge amount about riding the hindlegs and the shoulders.

My ponies are moving left and right more easily now, often without much more than a thought and I feel much more centred, balanced and focussed – which is mirrored by them.  Turn on the forehand has suddenly become quite easy! I feel we are really working together on the same thing when riding and have made a lot of progress in only a few weeks. My posture on the horse feels a lot easier too, I am ‘there’ rather than ‘holding myself there’.

There can be a lot to think about when working with Svante, particularly in the groundwork. However, in the ridden work, I feel how he worked, giving simple instructions as he changed the direction the horse was travelling in while we were on a circle, was exceptional training because it gave my body a really clear feeling of how to move with the horse, while he occupied my brain with something simple to support the body movement and keep it out of the way.

Svante’s ability to easily move the horse around him really enhanced the ridden work for me because of the frequent and flowing changes of direction, which resulted in more of a body learning than a mental one. I could feel both myself and Jack, the horse I borrowed for the clinic, growing in confidence with Svante at the end of the rope. It really shows the power and value of learning Svante’s groundwork, which helps to supple and strengthen the horse as well as translate more easily what we want him to do when being ridden. I’ve also found the groundwork is improving our loading which is always a bonus!

Fiona Webb England